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 Following the Mayors Annual meeting at the School , We have compiled our top 10 achievements.



2014/15 Top 10 Achievements:


1. Jubilee Gardens:

Play equipment installed, Landscaping / Planting undertaken, Resurfaced Pathway.

2. St Dunstans Play Area:

Area Re-landscaped.

3. Grass verge on Main Road by the Beadon Cross bus stop:

Planted boat has been removed and new garden area planted.

4. War Memorial:

The War Memorial gates were fully refurbished. Planters also will be replaced.

5. The Berry, Redfern and Bonaventure Woods:

These wooded areas have all undergone tree management works.

6. Park & Ride:

Now 24/7 Parking available using Pay and display meters, With Seasonal Bus as before.

7. Benches:

5 Benches ordered to replace the ones removed from The Berry almost a year ago.

8. South West Water:

SW Water will be carrying out extensive to survey and replace the surface water drains.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Steering groups actively moving ahead, Town Survey sent and being analysed.

10. Gas works site:

The Salcombe gas works site planning for housing after appeal was rules that the land must be used for employment.


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 Congratulations! Citizens of the Year 2015 are May Crimp and Mike Wrigley.

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 Latest Information 18th November 2014 - Concerning the Gas Holder site planning application appeal. 

It has been announced that the Inspectorate decision is that the appeal be dismissed. The appeal to build open market houses has therefore been refused and the site status of commercial development has been upheld by the Planning Inspectorate.

Full decision information Appeal Decision PDF

Inspectorate Covering Letter Appeal Covering Letter PDF  

Citizen of the Year 2014

 Congratulations to Eileen Donovan. Salcombe Citizen of the Year 2014.


                                        Eileen receiving her award from Mayor Mike Fice at the Civic Lunch.

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Latest on Salcombe's Neigbourhood Plan is available on See also Facebook page here.

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Get Active Devon!

 Public Health Devon is in the process of developing a new and exciting web-based tool called Get Active Devon! The e-tool will enable GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants and physiotherapists to promote physical activity among their patients. See Notices Section for more details.



RA3 - Batson Cross

Summary Statement Of Community Involvement
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Finally, with a view to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Salcombe, town council are pleased to announce that the website dedicated to all aspects of this important public engagement exercise is now live and can be visited at Contrary to some misguided opinions, this is not merely a forum. Much work has gone into explaining the background of the NP and there is a blog facility available for everyone to make their comments. We are now more enthusiastic than ever to encourage people to come forward and get involved with the NP steering group, or maybe you have skills in other areas like researching, poster creation or you may feel drawn to a particular topic heading that you would like to contribute to. This engagement will ultimately take the plan forward and benefit the whole town with improvements on many levels. Should you wish to get involved further please give the Salcombe Town Clerk Gill Claydon a call on 01548 842282 or email to


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